Strong roots……lost in pride.

Done the Nigerian movie. Now watching Black in Latin America. Who knew more African slaves from countries like Angola and the Congo came to Latin America than to North America. They had their first African established town before the Mayflower even landed. I may be late, but I’ve never had world history. Check it out guys!

Professor Gates’ journey discovers, behind a shared legacy of colonialism and slavery, vivid stories and people marked by African roots. He introduces viewers to the faces and voices of the descendants of the Africans in six Latin-American countries, who created these worlds. He shows the similarities and distinctions between these cultures and how the New-World manifestations are rooted in, but distinct from, their African antecedents.

A quest he began 12 years ago with “Wonders Of The African World” comes full circle in “Black In Latin America,” an effort to discover how Africa and Europe combined to create the vibrant cultures of Latin America, with a rich legacy of thoughtful, articulate subjects whose stories are astonishingly moving and irresistibly compelling.

“Mexico & Peru: The Black Grandma In The Closet”

In Mexico and Peru, Professor Gates explores the almost unknown history of the significant numbers of black people — the two countries together received far more slaves than did the United States —brought to these countries as early as the 16th and 17th centuries, and the worlds of culture that their descendants have created in Vera Cruz on the Gulf of Mexico, the Costa Chica region on the Pacific and in and around Lima, Peru.


Racism? In America? That’s never happened before.

Baratunde was just on MSNBC and brought this issue to light. Now I don’t agree with his label of “Klansman Trump”, but I do believe this whole Republican facade is just a way to bring about another cycle of outright racism. I’m so sorry. YOUR PRESIDENT IS BLACK!!! You must come to terms with the way you were brought up to think “brown people” (Africans/Hispanics/Native Americans/Asians/Middle Easterners/East Euros) could never be anything more than subordinate.

It must hurt. It must really hurt. He’s half white, half African. His WHITE mom, had sex with his AFRICAN dad and he was born in Hawaii. Hmmmm very very ….exotic.

I like the fact that  people like Chris Matthews and Ed Shultz are saying this is blatant racism helps me ensure the entire world isn’t on the crazy train.

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Dreams

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Dreams.

Everyone dreams—every single night—and yet we tend to know so little about our dreams. Where do they come from? What do they mean? Can we control them and should we try to interpret them? We spoke to the dream experts to bring you nine surprising facts about dreams. Read before snoozing.

1. Dreaming can help you learn.

If you’re studying for a test or trying to learn a new task, you might consider taking a nap or heading to bed early rather than hovering over a textbook an hour longer. Here’s why: When the brain dreams, it helps you learn and solve problems, say researchers at Harvard Medical School. In a study that appeared in a recent issue of Current Biology, researchers report that dreams are the brain’s way of processing, integrating and understanding new information. To improve the quality of your sleep—and your brain’s ability to learn—avoid noise in the bedroom, such as the TV, which may negatively impact the length and quality of dreams.

2. The most common dream? Your spouse is cheating.

If you’ve ever woken up in a cold sweat after dreaming about your husband’s extramarital escapade with your best friend, you’re not alone, says Lauri Quinn Loewenberg, a dream expert, author and media personality. “The most commonly reported dream is the one where your mate is cheating,” she says. Loewenberg conducted a survey of more than 5,000 people, and found that the infidelity dream is the nightmare that haunts most people—sometimes on a recurring basis. It rarely has anything to do with an actual affair, she explains, but rather the common and universal fear of being wronged or left alone.

3. You can have several—even a dozen—dreams in one night.

It’s not just one dream per night, but rather dozens of them, say experts—you just may not remember them all. “We dream every 90 minutes throughout the night, with each cycle of dreaming being longer than the previous,” explains Loewenberg. “The first dream of the night is about 5 minutes long and the last dream you have before awakening can be 45 minutes to an hour long.” It is estimated that most people have more than 100,000 dreams in a lifetime.

4. You can linger in a dream after waking.

Have you ever woken up from such a beautiful, perfect dream that you wished you could go back to sleep to soak it all up (you know, the dream about George Clooney?)? You can! Just lie still—don’t move a muscle—and you can remain in a semi-dreamlike state for a few minutes. “The best way to remember your dreams is to simply stay put when you wake up,” says Loewenberg. “Remain in the position you woke up in, because that is the position you were dreaming in. When you move your body, you disconnect yourself from the dream you were just in seconds ago.”

5. Even bizarre dreams can be interpreted.

While it can be hard to believe that an oddball dream about your mother, a circus and a snowstorm can have any bearing on real life, there may be symbolism and potential meaning to be mined in every dream—you just have to look for it, says Harvard-trained psychotherapist Jeffrey Sumber. “The meaning of our dreams oftentimes relates to things we are needing to understand about ourselves and the world around us,” he says. Instead of shrugging off strange dreams, think about how they make you feel. “We tend to dismiss these dreams due to the strange components, yet it is the feeling we have in these dreams that matters most,” he explains. “Sometimes the circus and the snowstorm are just fillers that allow us to process the range of emotions we feel about our mother and give us the necessary distraction so we can actually experience that spectrum of emotion.”

6. Recurring dreams may be your mind’s way of telling you something.

Do you have the same nightmare over and over again? Loewenberg suggests looking for underlying messages in recurring dreams so that you can rid yourself of them. For example, a common recurring nightmare people have involves losing or cracking their teeth. For this dream, she recommends that people think about what your teeth and your mouth represent. “To the dreaming mind, your teeth, as well as any part of your mouth, are symbolic of your words,” she says. “Paying attention to your teeth dreams helps you to monitor and improve the way you communicate.”

7. You can control your dreams.

The premise of the new movie Inception is that people can take the reins of their dreams and make them what they want them to be. But it may not just be a Hollywood fantasy. According to the results of a new survey of 3,000 people, dream control, or “lucid dreaming” may be a real thing. In fact, 64.9 percent of participants reported being aware they were dreaming within a dream, and 34 percent said they can sometimes control what happens in their dreams. Taking charge of the content of your dreams isn’t a skill everyone has, but it can be developed, says Kelly Bulkeley, PhD, a dream researcher and visiting scholar at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkley, California. The technique is particularly useful for people who suffer from recurring nightmares, he says. Dr. Bulkeley suggests giving yourself a pep talk of sorts before you go to sleep by saying: “If I have that dream again, I’m going to try to remember that’s it’s only a dream, and be aware of that.” When you learn to be aware that you are dreaming—within a dream—you not only have the power to steer yourself away from the monster and into the arms of Brad Pitt, for instance, but you train your mind to avoid nightmares in the first place. “Lucid dreaming enhances your ability to learn from the dream state,” says Dr. Bulkeley.

8. You don’t have to be asleep to dream.

Turns out, you can dream at your desk at work, in the car, even at your kid’s soccer game. Wakeful dreaming—not to be confused with daydreaming—is real and somewhat easy to do, says Dr. Bulkeley; it just involves tapping into your active imagination. The first step is to think about a recent dream you had (preferably a good one!). “Find a quiet contemplative place and bring a dream that you remember back into your waking awareness and let it unfold,” he says. “Let the dream re-energize.” Wakeful dreaming can be used as a relaxation tool, but Dr. Bulkeley says it can also help your mind process a puzzling dream. “It creates a more fluid interaction between unconscious parts of the mind and wakeful parts of the mind,” he says.

How to turn a player into a KICK-ASS boyfriend

How to get a player and turn him into a kick ass boyfriend!


The idea to write this article came from an outside source. In a joking manner they said to me:

“What is your new article about: How to get a boyfriend by using pizza or How to date an ex-player’?”

 I responded by saying:

 “Hmmm those are not bad ideas.”

When I write about relationships or love, I never use examples from my life. Those incidents should stay private in fear of judgement from the audience. However, I figured that this is a subject that most people would like some insight into.

Seemingly, girls love players but are “surprised” when their boyfriends turn out to be a pile of shit(excuse my language}. So what makes the man whore such an appealing character? I’m going to tell you men out there it has absolutely nothing to do with you. *gasp* Oh golly did I just tell you something you didn’t know? Well yes men, women go after the sexy man, buying all the bottles, and surrounded by all the women because of ego. It’s the age-old competition among women to be:

“The one woman who the sexiest man whore chose above all others”

Ha! Who would’ve thunk it? Women have bigger ego and Testosterone(in this case estrogen) battles than men do. So how do you get your cake and eat it too? Look I’m no Magic Don Juan or Reverend Love Joy, I’m just a person to give a minute piece of advice.

In my journey of life I’ve honestly only seriously dated one person. Dated meaning in a monogamous relationship, met and got along with BOTH of my sisters, met their folks, and they met BOTH of mine.

“If your name isn’t Mr. Cruz , then I’m sorry you never made the cut.”

It’s a low number because I like it that way. Not saying that I wasn’t in some sort of relationship with waaaaaay more people, but you don’t just claim every piece of meat that graces your path. Mr. Cruz and I were together on and off for 3 years. He used to be the BIGGEST I mean the BIGGEST whore this area has ever known. However at 16 he spent $$$+ on diamonds which I took to back to the store to get the cash(just kidding I still have them) and just this year he made and brought fried rice to my house DURING the January snowstorm.

“I have a gift”-Michael Douglass in ‘Ghost of Girlfriends Past’

I’m not going to give you my secrets. If this was a pay site, then maybe, but not for free. I’ll just give you some generic and super general steps.

  1. THINK LIKE A MAN. If you don’t follow any of my other suggestions. Follow this one. If you’re not sure that you’re thinking manly enough, go hang out with some guy friends. Not the guy friends that want to get in your pants, the type that will talk about the women in their life when you’re around. Listening to men talk candidly about women is the only way to form their sociopathic complex.
  2. BE SEXY. BE CONFIDENT. Man catching is the name of the game.
  3. DON’T JOIN THE CROWD. BEAT THE CROWD. Whatever the floozies around him are doing, do the opposite. If it’s not working for them, then it’s not going to work for you.
    1. Example: If the girls are all dry humping him and getting wasted, wait for him to come near you and strike up a joke. If you’re not funny, then go get funny fast. Not a knock knock joke. Not a “what did the ____ say to the ____ “ joke.
    2. BE HONEST AND UPFRONT. Say “Look, I think you’re hot. We have to do this again.” Men love that s***. OMG….I LOVE that s***! You don’t care if its game when a guy says it to you, and neither do they. Even when feelings get involved, tell them “You know what I just realized? I like you. You don’t have to say anything back. I just enjoy time with you and thought I’d say it.”
    3. LEAVE A LASTING IMPRESSION. At the end of the day men will be men. He’ll act distant and crude. The player that he is won’t allow him to care about you…….initially. But after he’s partied for a few days and he’s sitting at home, he’ll start thinking of that impromptu karaoke you did at his apartment. Next thing you know he’ll be calling ready to make your relationship official.


I’m no expert, just someone who has found trust, happiness, and drama-free love in a now EX-player.

Love you peanut.


The way I spent summer 2010

So I saw this summer as 2.5 months of opportunity. I was working making $$$.$$ for 4 days of work, booking shoots back to back and I had just met 2 great guys……mmmmm life was good.

However, as the summer went on, everything took a turn for the worst. The kids’ parents were pissing me off by not picking their kids up on time forcing me to quit. Photo shoots were still paying great and giving me awesome exposure. Meeting 2 great guys ws just that…..meeting 2 great guys but eventually having to choose just one.

So here I was without a job (again), re-vamping  my spending addiction, partying every week, and breaking hearts. To add on the pile, I had to cancel my maternal family reunion.

what the hell happened???

Something had gone horribly wrong and the summer was nearly over! Come on…..who am I? I’m not someone to just lay down and let life Ike Turner me…no no no. So I arose from my noon wake-up call, midday Maury re-run, Oreo cookie dough ice cream infused coma, chose a significant other, got back in the contributing writer game for, set up my teaching  job, and I’m currently re-registering for fall semester.

To make it all the better, the ride or die family members(Monica, Tanda, and Veronica) said “The reunion is cancelled? Oh. Well… we’re still coming down”. All the sh***y things that had gone on, just vanished from my memory. This ragtag group of girls from Detroit has kept me laughing and cursing like a sailor for the last 2 days. I took them to the city last night to party their little old hearts out and they had a great time. Thanks to my good friends at DDM, Marjean, RaRa(for all the shout outs on the mic), and the crazy staff at OZIO, I will forever be their “baby cousin that lavish lived it in DC”.

Life can be like this sometimes. You make plans but, through no fault of your own, you get thrown off the horse. Well I didn’t get back on the horse. Oh no. I looked around to confirm no one saw me fall and in true DMV fashion yelled “FUCK THAT HORSE” and hailed a cab.

Charlie Will<—][—>Charlie does….and Charlie’s back!!!



By: “Charlie Will”

Americans are bombarded by sexual stimuli all the time. I mean they show male enhancement commercials at 12 in the afternoon. What they hell? What happened to the days when these types of naughty commercials and sex-line advertisements were in the dark shroud of midnight?

I’m not surprised though. America is trying to bring influences from other countries to better themselves. We make Japanese game shows stupid, Japanese horror movies whack, and European sex ads….boring. These ENZYTE commercials feature a dry ass white guy surrounded by flabby Stepford wives in cookie cutter middle-America. Is this supposed to convince men to get penis pills? In Europe, these ads have hot women washing sports cars, wrestling in JELL-O, or dressed up as school girls. Seeing images like that and not being able to get aroused physically would make men shove out all types of greenback.

These toned down American versions explain why Americans have such suck ass sex lives. Why do you think these Republican men risk all they have worked for to explore separate secret sex lives? Look at their wives! Look at their lives! Why wouldn’t they. America has this forced image of a monogamous man and woman doing it missionary in a modest home with a crucified Jesus hanging over their bed. I’m bored just writing it.

Its time for Americans to explore their sexual prowess. In Amsterdam you can have sex in the Vondelpark (, smoke marijuana which heightens your libido and stamina, and there are sex clubs where you can live out fantasies. I’ll write about the Netherlands on a separate occasion because they also practice euthanasia for the sick, elderly, and handicapped, were the first European country to legalize gay marriage, and have government subsidized abortion up to about 2-3 months. The Dutch just really want everyone to be happy!

Back to the topic, we as Americans need a release. We need to explore what we like, what we don’t like, and everything in between. Yes there are things you might try that you’ll never want to try again, but that’s what we call exploration! Isn’t that what our fore fathers did? Travel un-chartered terrain and such? Sure it was tough and they encountered a lot of obstacles, but the rewards were immeasurable. The same applies to your sexuality; the reward of trying new things is priceless once you find your niche.

How do you go about doing this Charlie? ‘Tis quite simple to start once you’re open to it. You network. Have a dinner party with close friends and ask them each to bring another close friend. Once, the hosting level has reached the “comfortable dial” you bring up the topic of sexuality and sexual exploration. Trust me, if you have a few alpha males and dominating women in the mix among a few freaks and soft-spoken characters, the conversation will take off without effort. Once the topics branch out, you interject your personal need like “I like to dominate and take full control” or “Yeah I’ve always wanted to see what it was like with 2 girls” you’ll spark the attention of that person who feels the same. This person is your Newton and you are Gottfried. You both think of ideas independently then bring them together to form something ingenious. Eventually you will find a person who has all the answers, all the knowledge, and will help you get to where you want to be. Let’s call this person Galileo.

Don’t be put off by my “Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?” vocabulary names that you’ve forgotten over the years. Go wikipedia it.

Point being is that you can’t be afraid to explore your options. I’ve talked to a lot of older people who are trying to renew their life. Trust them when they say “It’s hard to step outside of your comfort zone when you’ve been there for half a century. Plus people aren’t very willing to try new things with you when you get that old.” That’s the truth. You may find a nice hot piece of meat willing to try some bondage or nude modeling thing now, but once you both start pruning up, it’s very unlikely to happen.

So take my advice. Step out of the box. Watch some porn. Seriously you guys watch some porn. All types of porn. See what sparks your interest. I’m not telling anyone to go out and screw everyone. I’m suggesting that you and your Newton practice safe sex and start out on a Christopher Columbus blind exploration.

Have fun everyone, and leave your comments!

Charlie Will<–][–> Charlie does.

Where have the minorities gone?







The way I attack this issue may upset some people but I don’t think the way most people do.  I am a democrat and I enjoy a good discussion, so if you feel any kind of way, please comment on the post.   


The last decade has seen great progress of visualizing different races and ethnicities. However, whose race is this? Miss Universe is supposed to show beautiful single women from every corner of the world. Yet the finalists for Miss Universe 2009 didn’t show me versatility! They were from different countries but who would’ve known? They look for slim noses, long thin hair, sharp eyebrows, thin lips, and a sexy exotic name. Yes some countries would enter contestants that represent the majority of the country, but the contestants who move on in the competition are the contestants who fit the description. Miss Virginia is a beautiful black woman without a thin nose, thin lips, and pale skin. So why can’t we see that from African countries, West Indian countries, South American countries, or Eastern European countries? Where’s the diversity? Where’s the representation of your country make-up? Not everyone in your country is some sort of white!   


I recall the made-for-TV movie “Boycott’ about the life of Martin Luther King Jr. Did they have a nice brown man play the role of the civil rights leader? No of course not. People didn’t want to see a black man preaching then, why would they want one now? Jeffrey Wright played MLK in that movie. Jeffrey Wright being a Dominican-American.   


Speaking of making every minority some sort of white, we get to the reason I brought this subject about. The other day, my mom and I sat down to watch “Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li”. The original storyline of Chun-Li consists of a FULL BLOODED CHINESE girl. However, in “Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li”, here enters a Chinese father, a CAUCASIAN MOTHER, and a Chinese-American child. What? I don’t mean to be a nerd, but I had Street Fighter Championship Edition II on Sega Genesis, and I was appalled at this malfeasance, this dereliction of such a classic. You mean to tell me of the millions of Chinese people in the world, you couldn’t find a Chinese woman to do a few choreographed fight scenes? Or did you want to show that white people can do martial arts too? Well that’s what Steven Segal is for!   


For my upcoming post I’ll discuss “inter race relations” to delve further into this subject including our own Barack Obama and Thurgood Marshall.   


Charlie Will<–][–> Charlie does.