Where have the minorities gone?







The way I attack this issue may upset some people but I don’t think the way most people do.  I am a democrat and I enjoy a good discussion, so if you feel any kind of way, please comment on the post.   


The last decade has seen great progress of visualizing different races and ethnicities. However, whose race is this? Miss Universe is supposed to show beautiful single women from every corner of the world. Yet the finalists for Miss Universe 2009 didn’t show me versatility! They were from different countries but who would’ve known? They look for slim noses, long thin hair, sharp eyebrows, thin lips, and a sexy exotic name. Yes some countries would enter contestants that represent the majority of the country, but the contestants who move on in the competition are the contestants who fit the description. Miss Virginia is a beautiful black woman without a thin nose, thin lips, and pale skin. So why can’t we see that from African countries, West Indian countries, South American countries, or Eastern European countries? Where’s the diversity? Where’s the representation of your country make-up? Not everyone in your country is some sort of white!   


I recall the made-for-TV movie “Boycott’ about the life of Martin Luther King Jr. Did they have a nice brown man play the role of the civil rights leader? No of course not. People didn’t want to see a black man preaching then, why would they want one now? Jeffrey Wright played MLK in that movie. Jeffrey Wright being a Dominican-American.   


Speaking of making every minority some sort of white, we get to the reason I brought this subject about. The other day, my mom and I sat down to watch “Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li”. The original storyline of Chun-Li consists of a FULL BLOODED CHINESE girl. However, in “Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li”, here enters a Chinese father, a CAUCASIAN MOTHER, and a Chinese-American child. What? I don’t mean to be a nerd, but I had Street Fighter Championship Edition II on Sega Genesis, and I was appalled at this malfeasance, this dereliction of such a classic. You mean to tell me of the millions of Chinese people in the world, you couldn’t find a Chinese woman to do a few choreographed fight scenes? Or did you want to show that white people can do martial arts too? Well that’s what Steven Segal is for!   


For my upcoming post I’ll discuss “inter race relations” to delve further into this subject including our own Barack Obama and Thurgood Marshall.   


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