Racism? In America? That’s never happened before.


Baratunde was just on MSNBC and brought this issue to light. Now I don’t agree with his label of “Klansman Trump”, but I do believe this whole Republican facade is just a way to bring about another cycle of outright racism. I’m so sorry. YOUR PRESIDENT IS BLACK!!! You must come to terms with the way you were brought up to think “brown people” (Africans/Hispanics/Native Americans/Asians/Middle Easterners/East Euros) could never be anything more than subordinate.

It must hurt. It must really hurt. He’s half white, half African. His WHITE mom, had sex with his AFRICAN dad and he was born in Hawaii. Hmmmm very very ….exotic.

I like the fact that  people like Chris Matthews and Ed Shultz are saying this is blatant racism helps me ensure the entire world isn’t on the crazy train.


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