How to turn a player into a KICK-ASS boyfriend

How to get a player and turn him into a kick ass boyfriend!


The idea to write this article came from an outside source. In a joking manner they said to me:

“What is your new article about: How to get a boyfriend by using pizza or How to date an ex-player’?”

 I responded by saying:

 “Hmmm those are not bad ideas.”

When I write about relationships or love, I never use examples from my life. Those incidents should stay private in fear of judgement from the audience. However, I figured that this is a subject that most people would like some insight into.

Seemingly, girls love players but are “surprised” when their boyfriends turn out to be a pile of shit(excuse my language}. So what makes the man whore such an appealing character? I’m going to tell you men out there it has absolutely nothing to do with you. *gasp* Oh golly did I just tell you something you didn’t know? Well yes men, women go after the sexy man, buying all the bottles, and surrounded by all the women because of ego. It’s the age-old competition among women to be:

“The one woman who the sexiest man whore chose above all others”

Ha! Who would’ve thunk it? Women have bigger ego and Testosterone(in this case estrogen) battles than men do. So how do you get your cake and eat it too? Look I’m no Magic Don Juan or Reverend Love Joy, I’m just a person to give a minute piece of advice.

In my journey of life I’ve honestly only seriously dated one person. Dated meaning in a monogamous relationship, met and got along with BOTH of my sisters, met their folks, and they met BOTH of mine.

“If your name isn’t Mr. Cruz , then I’m sorry you never made the cut.”

It’s a low number because I like it that way. Not saying that I wasn’t in some sort of relationship with waaaaaay more people, but you don’t just claim every piece of meat that graces your path. Mr. Cruz and I were together on and off for 3 years. He used to be the BIGGEST I mean the BIGGEST whore this area has ever known. However at 16 he spent $$$+ on diamonds which I took to back to the store to get the cash(just kidding I still have them) and just this year he made and brought fried rice to my house DURING the January snowstorm.

“I have a gift”-Michael Douglass in ‘Ghost of Girlfriends Past’

I’m not going to give you my secrets. If this was a pay site, then maybe, but not for free. I’ll just give you some generic and super general steps.

  1. THINK LIKE A MAN. If you don’t follow any of my other suggestions. Follow this one. If you’re not sure that you’re thinking manly enough, go hang out with some guy friends. Not the guy friends that want to get in your pants, the type that will talk about the women in their life when you’re around. Listening to men talk candidly about women is the only way to form their sociopathic complex.
  2. BE SEXY. BE CONFIDENT. Man catching is the name of the game.
  3. DON’T JOIN THE CROWD. BEAT THE CROWD. Whatever the floozies around him are doing, do the opposite. If it’s not working for them, then it’s not going to work for you.
    1. Example: If the girls are all dry humping him and getting wasted, wait for him to come near you and strike up a joke. If you’re not funny, then go get funny fast. Not a knock knock joke. Not a “what did the ____ say to the ____ “ joke.
    2. BE HONEST AND UPFRONT. Say “Look, I think you’re hot. We have to do this again.” Men love that s***. OMG….I LOVE that s***! You don’t care if its game when a guy says it to you, and neither do they. Even when feelings get involved, tell them “You know what I just realized? I like you. You don’t have to say anything back. I just enjoy time with you and thought I’d say it.”
    3. LEAVE A LASTING IMPRESSION. At the end of the day men will be men. He’ll act distant and crude. The player that he is won’t allow him to care about you…….initially. But after he’s partied for a few days and he’s sitting at home, he’ll start thinking of that impromptu karaoke you did at his apartment. Next thing you know he’ll be calling ready to make your relationship official.


I’m no expert, just someone who has found trust, happiness, and drama-free love in a now EX-player.

Love you peanut.



4 Responses

  1. You are on point with all these! I am seeing one now, but by no means do i think am close to making him a EX player. am actually ready to quit girl…lls

  2. Very well put together Charlie. From personal experience, not that I am related to the Mr. Cruz you’re talking about, but you got everything right exactly to a tee. Anyone who comes across this should heed your advice. Great read!

  3. Really? Well then you should meet him. You guys look just alike! Well go tell your friends to read this and leave comments. Thanks! I hope I help atleast one person.

  4. Yeah sooooo this is the real comment…

    OMFG. You put me on blassstttt!!! lmao ayo the diamonds?? I know u pawned them u jerk!!! I can see u doing that too…. seriously do u still have them?? And the fried rice incident? lol wowwww. Funny how u FORGOT to mention to the world that u kicked me the fuck out right when it was about to come down again, damn near crashin just to bring yo fat azz some of my rice lol.

    And, I am really the biggest whore this area has ever seen?? LMFAO! Damn… well I guess I had that one coming. But you had be thso many valid points on there, I just didnt wanna put myself out there. Like the do the opposite of what the groupies were doin and the lasting impression lol that ALWAYS worked… as much of a whore I was, u gotta admit, I came back home all the time, and maybe that was… Idk, I could elaborate for days and days on this and try and explain, but eh, thats pointless lol.

    But thats the past, moving on, great article. When I saw the title of the article I was like I KNOW, K N O W that she is gonna mention me somehow someway. Ya know, Frank Sinatra, was the same way btw, great minds think alike huh?!? Im reading his life story right now…

    Oh and Im so happy for you!!! LOVE?!? uh oh… someone must be too gitty… To quote the great Dave Chapelle, ” RUN!! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! GET SOME HELP!!” jk, jk. His nickname is peanut? lol at least thats halfway decent, my nicknames were toooooo cute, like baby-ish, not to be proud of lls.

    Congrats and I cant wait for your next article.

    PS: As bad as of an idea as it seems to you, I know that you hate it, but going down certain roads of the past arent that bad.

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