What is religion to you?

What is religion to you?

The topic of religion came upon reading this article about an extremist religious group getting busted by the FBI. The link is here:


In the article it talks about a CHRISTIAN group that wants to stir up violence against “the anti-christ, evil Jews, and Muslims”.  They believe violence will bring about the second coming of Christ. They planned to kill police officers, then attack their funerals because there would be a large number of officers there as well.

I’d be the first to admit I’m not the most religious person in the world but I am very spiritual. I believe religion is there to tell you right from wrong, good from evil, and teach you morality. Each religion just offers a different reward. Some say you get into a land of eternal happiness, some say you’ll come back to the Earth even higher on the chain. A boy from the documentary “Baghdad High” said 

“All religions are equal. The rest is politics”

Isn’t he right? Is one religion more sacred than the next? Muslims, christians, and Jews believe in different prophets but in the same God. So why are you fighting one another? It’s not your prophet who created you, nor is it your prophet who will judge you in the end. So tell me who’s better?

What makes people go crazy for cocoa puffs with their religion is fear. How scary is it to think of being in hell for eternity? As in forever. So you’re always hoping you’re doing the right thing and that the religion you believe in is the right one. We all know fear is a strong motivator and will lead you to do something you may not have otherwise done. Which is why if your leader says ‘Do this because this is what our religion tells us’ you will do it (i.e. KKK, Nazi’s, these Hutaree people).

How can you tackle religious suicide bombers, or religious political figure heads, or religious protesters? You can’t. Religion is something that you can’t see or hear or touch or feel(not figuratively, literally). You can’t take away something that isn’t there. Let me explain another way (you know how I love a good story and metaphors):

Have you ever tried to take away a child’s imaginary friend?

You keep asking the child “Why are you talking to your imaginary friend?”

The child rebutted saying “Well my friend helps me when bad things happen.”

Then you ask “Is your friend here now? Can I talk to him?”

“No!” screams the child. “He only talks to me because you don’t believe in him”.

You say “Yes, because your friend doesn’t exist.”

And now that child will never want to talk to you again. It’s the same EXACT thing with religion. Stay with me here, I’m not calling anybody childish. What I’m trying to say is, going against what someone believes is very hard to do. If they believe this person, can bring them through adversity even with lack of physical presence, they cannot be told any different.

Nonetheless, there has to be a point where religion isn’t the reason for violence, prejudice, and hate. I’m a flower child. I try not to wrong others, and when I do I try to make it right. This might be the reason for my shy and quiet character, which most people see as weakness.

However, I believe that if I’m the flower and not the rock in the vase, I’ll have less glass to clean up.

(that’s something i just came up with on my own.  think I have a little Confucius in me). My spirit tells me to do right, think positive, and help others. My spiritual religion doesn’t offer a reward for the good deeds that I do, it makes me a good person. What about yours?


2 Responses

  1. I am a spiritual person and use basic principles of what makes a person good, whole, and productive to guide me in life. These basic prinicples are found in every religion, sect, cult, etc. and if people focus on the fundamental teachings that are found throughout all socieites and beliefs then it would be a yum-yummy marshmallow world made for sweethearts:)

  2. LOL exactly. Don’t get me started on “preachy church folk”who like to tell you you’re not living a righteous life when they’re not living one themselves. Judge not others right? For GOD is the final judge of sins….not the lady tryinf to drop the most in the bucket, talk behind hands the most, and scream “Yes Jesus!” the loudest.

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