Humanitarian in Training


I used to think of community service as a graduation requirement. Now that I’m older, I see community service for what it really is: service for your community. I see the importance of politics, I see how one person can change the state of the region they live in.

I’ve had the networking honor to meet a great guy named Dave Quammen who runs a non-profit art gallery called Moca DC in Georgetown. In a short time of 20 minutes, we made an instant friendship. Not only am I completely amazed at his story, proud of what he has accomplished, I’m also in awe at his resilience and motivation to keep making a difference.

Dave came here from California in a V-Dub Bus. I’m not one to use stereotypes…….yes I am. When you hear “I came here from California with a couple of dollars in my pocket driving a VW Bus” what comes to mind? I’ll throw out what came to my mind: Nudist. Ponytail. “Peace and Love, Man”.

Once he said “I lived in a nudist colony for a while.” In a very sarcastic tone I replied with “Uh huh. I thought so.”

During our short time together, he rummaged through his organized clutter of memorabilia, and brought out some of the most interesting….stuff. Stuff. Everything from a portrait called “The Land of Plenty” to pictures of his ‘homeless-with-a-roof’ days. Then he brought out an article he had written in 1993 called “Its Homeless Out Tonight”. The article is in-depth and insightful. With his permission I’ll post it on here next week.

Once people get to a certain age, they kind of just stop caring and would rather leave the world to help itself. Dave feels like his contributions are never done. For someone who is a homeless advocate, when is your work ever done? Even though there will always be homeless people, there’s not always someone to help them. But as long as Dave Quammen is around, there will be.

I’m so excited to say that Mr. Quammen has allowed me to partner up with Moca Art Gallery for the “Celebration of the Figure” festival in July from July 2nd-31st. The opening night will be July 9th featuring body painting and a swimsuit fashion show for a local designer. Visit his art gallery’s website and support local artists at:

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  1. I love it!!! U know ur way around words lls

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