Healthcare has been passed! How do you feel about it? I’m not going to go off what people are telling me to feel. I’m going to tell you how I feel. In this LONG blog I will discuss causes, pros, and cons.


I’m not a wealthy American. I can’t just wake up tomorrow and decide to go to a private practice dermatologist. I use simple soap and water and the occasional PROACTIV. If I notice a pimple forming, I don’t freak out and go to the ER.  If you’ve noticed, I’ve touched on 3 big issues for me and healthcare.

  1. Division of the classes. When will it end? Never. We’re a capitalist country. Therefore, there will always be the haves and the have-nots. Trust me, there is no middle class. Middle class is the have-nots clambering to become the haves. Until you become the haves though, no matter how many jobs you’re working, you will still be considered a have-not. You don’t get the title until you make it, so you can get that ‘I’m upper middle class’ bull out now. There are the people who can afford the best of the best of the best, and then there’s ….you and I. My healthcare is under my dad, which is under the UNITED STATES MILITARY. I am seen by other military personnel stationed in the area, so my primary care physician is hardly ever consistent. My mom is covered under her job’s benefits, which isn’t much even though she works at a hospital.
  2. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES! I use soap and water to clean the built up oil of the day off my face. I eat a house salad instead of fries at a restaurant. I exercise weekly. I don’t drink soda or non-100% fruit juice. I drink LOTS AND LOTS of water. Americans are getting fat. Today’s kids will die younger than the generation before them. People are getting diseases that used to be rare and reserved only for people in certain occupations. Why are you getting lung disease when you haven’t worked in anybody’s coal mine sir? Oh you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day? My problem is that people live unhealthy lives and then depend on the government to pay for their medications while they die slowly over a course of 10-15 years. Sometimes you live healthy and life just happens. However, obesity doesn’t happen unless you’ve been in a few “Eat this 20 lbs hamburger and you get a T-shirt” contest.
  3. Hypochondria. If I had a dollar for every time my mom said “I think I have….” I’d be rich. This is just out of control. Everytime the news comes on, “At 5, Liz Crenshaw takes you inside the dirty world of….your purse.” Now women and cross dressers and men with man-bags, are tuned in and scared to death. “Oh God I might get a staph infection if I reach for that gum. Does anyone have hand sanitizer?” Yes we know the comforters at hotels don’t get washed so we steer clear, but you shouldn’t be spraying your house down with bleach because you’re trying to get that .0001% of bacteria left over.
  4. Pharmaceutical companies are causing the worst of it all. I didn’t know there was such profit to be made from scaring your fellow country men. How many commercials do you see with new ailments and the perfect non-FDA approved drug to cure it?
  • Restless leg syndrome? Dr. Charlie’s cure: Get up. Oh but I can’t make millions of dollars from telling people that so I have to invent some oxy-poli-calci-metha-hydryl crap to cure you. But it might cause: skin peeling, eye redness and irritation, loss of bladder function, iris pigment change, bloating, cramps, heart palpitations, and a rare but serious side effect that may lead to heart attack stroke, or death.
  • Once again, there’s nothing we can do to stop them. If people think they have the new sexy disease you just made up, they don’t care that you’re also the one curing it. I only see one company advertise restless leg syndrome. If it was something real wouldn’t there be more than one? Or did they patent that illness?

{{{Side note: Did you see the commercial for that drug for male pattern baldness that “shouldn’t be handled by women”? I found a site where other people were talking about it. What kind of bull is that? It doesn’t scare you a little?}}}


  1. We still have a 10% unemployment rate. Just because you don’t have a job doesn’t mean you won’t get sick. Not having a job will make you stressed out and actually more prone to getting sick.
  2. Once you reach a certain age, or graduate college, you can no longer be on your parents’ plan. This bill will eliminate that. I mean how many college grads have a great paying career in which they can start to pay back their loans AND pay for co-pays and deductibles if their company offers healthcare benefits?
  3. Jobs. Jobs. Great paying gov’t jobs in every county of every state. The more people working, the less people claiming welfare. The more people working, the more they can pay for goods and services. The more people working, the more small businesses opening and employing people. The gov’t is the best employer. I know of so many people here in the DMV area who have had a gov’t job, or want a gov’t job. Claim scary socialism all you want, but when socialism works like this, there’s nothing bad about it. The government is nothing to fear. As long as we hold the power of elections, republicans can stop the scare tactics. If we’re a capitalist society, why can’t the government throw its hat in the ring? Obviously all the other hats cost too much and don’t provide enough.


  1. More taxes. Yes it’s government-run, so it’s coming from us…like the Bush bailout. Oh I’m sorry did we forget about that once Obama was in the office? Yeah that was still $700 BILLION$$$of unregulated American via China money.
  2. Seeing as how Obama’s bailout was just as unregulated, how can we trust that this will work like it should? This program should have strict rules for applicants so that people aren’t leaching. This program should have a smart person heading it who will ensure each state is thoroughly checking its systems and monitoring their employees. They should always be doing their job to the best of their abilities, not like the Department of Motor Vehicles.(I don’t know why you’re getting paid so much when you’ve helped 2 people the entire day)

I want to leave you with a healthcare reform debate sparked by Ms. J. Beasley’s comment on her facebook page. With her permission, I wanted to share this on my blog for other point-of-views.

Charlie Will<–][–>Charlie does

Jaclyn A. Beasley So much for a Republic… so much for a bi-partisan government… good GOD, not one Republican in the House voted for this monstrosity… 34 Democrats voted against this thing… 219 to 216…. Hello, Socialist America!Mon at 9:38am · Comment · · View Feedback (19)Hide Feedback (19)

Tamar Willis
I think as republicans and democrats we’re always going to disagree, but for me if I had democrats representing me in such God awful ways I’d be ashamed. You just dont spit on people. Theres always a way to handle things but spitting would’ve had dude headed to the dentist with those wonderful dental benefits he already has 😉
Mon at 9:50am
Jaclyn A. Beasley
That is an awesome vid, Nick. Unfortunately not enough Americans these days care enough about there bodies or for that matter there country to pursue a healthy and responsible lifestyle. I am more concerned with the people who are leading this country right now. The overwhelming majority of Americans do not want this and it is a downright and blatant trampling of our Constitutional rights.
Mon at 9:51am
Tamar Willis
You are definitely right not enough care…not until it hits their families. Not sure that will ever change. No matter how much change is brought to politics. In every Presidency something comes about that we dont all support, its the way of the world.
Mon at 10:06am
Charlie Will
I don’t feel that way. Americans need to understand that these politicians are assholes. They’ll have you pissed off about something you should be happy for. Americans pay for these politicians’ paychecks AND health benefits. Technically they have a government healthcare. They use our GOVERNMENT collected taxes to go to expensive private practice … See Moredoctors. There’s a problem that your politicians won’t talk about and these conservative americans are aloof to the facts.

When was it wrong to give people the opportunity to see a doctor? How do people feel about those conservative protesters throwing money at that old man saying “Oh you want a hand out? Here you go, here’s a dollar”. Is that what all conservatives feel about it? Its a hand out? Thats why they’re against it. Well these people in the 10% unemployment rate will celebrate that they can have coverage since they don’t have medical benefits from their non-existent job.

Mon at 10:14am ·
Julia Pitts
i was wondering how you felt about this shit. i’m annoyed. like, really really annoyed.
Mon at 10:47am
Jaclyn A. Beasley
So, now instead of just paying for these politicians plush paychecks and healthcare benefits, we will also be paying for EVERYone’s healthcare; not that we don’t already do that… after the bill passes, it will be mandated. Mandating and enforcing citizens to have health insurance does not match up with the principles of the Constitution. This is… See More just another power play from Obama, Nancy Pelosi and dingy Harry Reid… amongst the other dirtbags. A bill of this size passed by a simple majority. Where the problem lies, is that the majority of Americans did NOT want this bill to go through. Do you really think that overnight “30 million” Americans wil be able to have affordable healthcare (and by affordable, I mean free). This bill is going back to the Senate, and I have no doubt in my mind that it will pass… Obama will sign it with a flourish of his pen. Just like that we will push the quintessential socialist snowball down a hill and before we know it, we will gradually embrace communism as if it were a good thing. I am going to fight tooth and nail before I will let that happen. November will reflect all of this btw… American citizens have very good memory, especially when it comes to betrayal.
Mon at 10:52am
Tamar Willis
I constantly volunteer at homeless shelters, I raise money for breast cancer, cystic fibrosis , HIV and at risk teens. I dont live each day just for me…I “try” to make a difference in the lives of others…theres nothing worse than seeing someone who has worked forever and is suddendly is unable to provide medical needs for that child or loved … See Moreone that may need it. I have 2 with asthma the thought of not being able to provide for them has never entered my mind. It doesnt mean it wont happen. As you stated before ….we already pay for them, theres nothing wrong with giving back. Not everyone is looking for a hand out. Speaking to homeless people I know we’re all a pay check away from the same situation. The United States should not be about SELF
Mon at 11:05am
Julia Pitts
yeah, it kind of should. constitutionally speaking, the US is about personal “liberty”. not to say we should all be incredibly selfish and not provide for the “general welfare”, but obamacare is not the answer.
Mon at 11:14am
Tamar Willis
I certainly hope you never find yourselves in a situation where you’ll need the help of another. We’re all entitled to give or recieve.I’m a giver. I never want to see a stranger or a family member in need. I’m willing to make the extra effort to help you and yours. One of the best jobs I had was at PG Hospital helping to provide ins for those that… See More didnt have it. It was called the Hilburton Act….the amount of trauma patients coming in not having ins would’ve had the hospital closed years ago if it wasnt for that ins. The pay was AWFUL but I was making a difference. As for Obamacare or Obama in general he doesnt have fans just like Bush didnt have fans. It comes with the job. My brother is in Afghanistan giving back without complaint….it comes with the Job. Thanks Beasley for a healthy FB debate much better than most postings
Mon at 11:23am
Paul Mitchell
But Tamar, (sorry, I don’t know you but I’m one of Jackie’s friends and I want to get in on this) I have a few questions: Would you be a giver if you were FORCED to be a giver? If you were on the receiving end of being GIVEN something without earning it, would you have incentive to try to earn it? And where in the US Constitution does it … See Moreguarantee or even mention “free and equal access to health insurance,” or that if you don’t decide to purchase health insurance, you will be fined?

There are glaring examples welfare beneficiaries taking advantage of current programs (food-stamps, unemployment insurance) and not enough government regulation to be sure that it doesn’t happen. When people are given something for nothing, there is no incentive to try to dig oneself out. This is why Socialism and all Marxist principles don’t work. And when a massive welfare program like this is created, it doesn’t take into account the number of positions in the government (thousands of IRS tax collectors/auditors) that are going to need to be created, which will run the indirect costs of the bill up. Big government=inefficient processes and programs (and bureaucracy)=lots of wasted taxpayer dollars.

When you take money away from people who earn it, and disperse it, either through welfare programs or other entitlement programs, it is called Socialism. It’s an attempt at social equality, which is simply not possible, and is in fact contradictory, to a Capitalist system such as ours.

Mon at 12:07pm
Tamar Willis
Just spent 5 mins typing my response for FB to kick me out. So short version Paul. I dont feel anyone should be mandated to pay I’ve always felt if you want to give you’ll give. I also felt my brother shouldn’t have been made to go to Iraq, said Aghanistan earlier by mistake. As for me I’ve seen teenage girls raped and testing positive for HIV and … See Morehaving issues paying for daily medications and the homeless man who cant take kids in for annual physicals. As for me even I shouldnt be made to pay , but I however am ok with helping you out as well as the next man. There are plenty of people that abuse the welfare system but there are just as many that arent. Thankfully I have not had to go to the unemployment offices but I hear there are tons down there that are completely ass out! Guess we shouldnt help them either. Its their fault they lost their jobs. Keep in mind this plan also helps those that work for companies that cant afford to provide ins for their employees so its not just about those that arent doing for themselves. US Constitution doesnt say anything about having a heart but I can assume we all have one somewhere.
Mon at 12:32pm
Paul Mitchell
Same thing happened to me, and from now on any long response I make on Facebook is going in a word document while I write. I am a giver as well. I donate blood, I volunteer, and I give money to my church. I don’t disagree that voluntarily giving is important, and in fact, reflects our values as Americans. There are so many Non-Governmental … See MoreOrganizations and free clinics that ask for (and depend on) donations in order to provide health care to those who cannot afford it and need it. Perhaps our government should be telling us to spend more money donating to these organizations, instead of, say, political campaigns. (Obama raised and spent over $500 million in his campaign for the White House — by far a record for any political campaign in this country’s history). I will also agree with you that there are probably as many people on welfare who need it as those who are taking advantage of it.

But the problem lies with the people (and there are tons of them) who take advantage of these systems and live off of them for their whole lives without giving anything back. There are lots of them, and I don’t blame them. As a human being, if you are ENTITLED to something, there is no incentive to work for it. And the only way to counter this aspect of human nature is to expand the federal agency responsible for running the program in order to do, literally, door to door audits.
There is a waterfall effect where the more programs you have, the more people there need to be to run it, and the more involvement the Federal Government has in our lives. This is, again, Socialism. Great Britain’s Health Care System (a government-run program) employs 1.3 million people, making it the 3rd largest employer in the world. It’s bigger than Walmart. And they have 1/5 of our population. How many Americans would become federal employees if this continues to expand?
According to Philosopher John Locke (studied by Thomas Jefferson and who’s ideas are a huge part of our founding principles), “People should not fear their government, government should fear its people.” Do you think the government can fear us if it employs all of us and we depend on it to run our lives?

Mon at 1:16pm
Tamar Willis
Something tells me if they could employ all of us they could possibly fear us. Your idea would be great if we could get all americans to donate as you and I do, we could always hope. We can all agree to disagree and hope each of us arent to affected. I have a daughter headed to college soon I’m happy that I’ll still be able to insure her up to 26 … See Moreas she finds herself fulltime employement. Nothing worse that parents having to drop their college student the month they graduate. We’ll have to meet back here Paul LOL if this all goes through 🙂 …..sorry Beasley you started it. BTW Paul I’m her old Cheerleading coach
Mon at 1:24pm
Charlie Will
Wait Jackie used to be a cheerleader? I wish i was around for that. I just wanted to say the debate here was great to read. I believe strict guidelines for regulating this program is needed before it starts. Nothing upsets me more than people leeching the system as an easy way through life. Regulation of this program will will avoid scams and save … See Moremoney. The reason why medicaid ended up costing so much is b/c everybody and their neighbor applied for it and were wrongly approved.

This will create lots of government jobs in every county of every state. That’s good socialism. Think about it. Once they start working these jobs they’ll have money to pay into taxes and when they use their new gov’t healthcare benefits they’ll be paying a deductible or co-pay which feeds back into the system, and they’ll also be able to pay for goods and services which will continually bring the economy back to life.

People always say the way to help a “developing nation” isn’t by throwing money at them, its by showing them how to put their citizens to work. As far as i’m concerned we’ll be less than a 3rd world country until we break even.

Mon at 1:55pm ·
Tamar Willis
Well said Charlie! And yes Jackie was a cheerleader one of my Best, Gymnast too.
Mon at 2:04pm
Charlie Will
@Tamar: Thank you. People have to stop being told how to feel.

@Jackie: i want pictures……

Mon at 2:58pm ·
Paul Mitchell
Tamar, I am 24, uninsured, and back in college after a few years off. I agree with some parts of his plan: eliminating the “pre-existing condition” clause and allowing dependents up to 26 years old to remain insured under their parents plan. I think that two more things need to be addressed: the anti-trust laws that currently prevent health … See Moreinsurance companies from competing across state lines, and there needs to be greater scrutiny put on malpractice lawsuits to eliminate these insane settlements, which end up trickling down through insurance premiums to us consumers. But as far as the expansion of Medicaid, which has been one of the most disastrous and overpriced welfare programs of them all, I think that we’re making a mistake. And Charlie, the government providing the means for fair and appropriate education to prepare us for the working world is incredibly important, but as soon as we start becoming dependent on them for jobs, we lose our liberty. We have anti-trust laws now to restrict businesses from holding the entire share of a market. If all of our healthcare and employment goes through the government, who is to restrict them?

This is a great talk guys. Meaningful (and civil) debate is something that shaped America in its beginnings, and is so important for our future!

Mon at 4:14pm

2 Responses

  1. This wis what we, as a democracy, signed up for: MAJORITY RULES BABY! Some Republicans have sacrificed class, dignity, and intellect to show their disappointment of this newly adopted healthcare reform. Not only have we as a nation legitimately voted for its passing, but majority of Americans agree with some of its core objectives. Right-wing media has yet again manipulated public opinion by noting that in recent polls 59 % were against the bill, but failed to highlight that 13 % (CNN, Gallup, NBC) of those who stated that were against it because they felt it was not liberal enough. Healthcare reform is a multi-faceted issue that one can not mindlessly object to it in totality! The backwards hostility and vulgar protests by many right-wing conservatives can be agreed by all as shameful and low class. Suck it up that you lost and watch the classic School House Rock’s “I’m Just a Bill” to understand the foolishness that is being espoused currently.

    I was shocked but not surprised when some extremist displayed their fear and hatred through political physical attacks in NY, KS, OH, AZ, etc. like common gutter thugs and hooodlums! I mean, I don’t agree for a portion of my taxes/income to fund a war for profit. I’m a spiritual Christian and do not believe in taking another’s life, especially for our empire’s monetary benefit! Aren’t Republicans traditionally the party of family/Christain values? I didn’t agree for my taxes to reward scheming banks who failed to perform the essential functions of their jobs. America is a merit-based society founded on Protestant ethics! Since when does America reward “get-overs”? Don’t these men fit the definition of a con-man? (con man: a swindler who exploits the confidence of his victim: makes his LIVING by earning your trust, taking your money, and leaving you in the dust). Since when do hustlers get ahead in America? Under Republican rule, both measures were passed without going through the established law-making process.

    I’d rather my taxes go to institutions such as public education, healthcare reform, and infrastructure b/c the real problem is that our standard of living is plummeting. Politicians have us little people fighting amongst ourselves when in reality they are blatantly failing us! Our country is dragging our feet in modernizing industry, environmental sustainability, and education. This is not an issue of party loyalty, but of basic human rights that should be standard in such an affluent, dominant, global super power, as ours. I’m an American first and foremost and focus should be scholarly achievement, innovation, healthcare, environmental sustainability (even if you don’t believe in global warming or its detriments, we all can acknowledge the over/mis-use of land, crop shortage, and poor diet).

  2. And Jackie! You are a Christian! The bible states:

    EZR 6:10 so that they may offer sacrifices pleasing to the God of heaven and pray for the WELL-BEING of the king and his sons.

    We should not forfeit being righteous, gracious, and compassionate for the sake of money when it comes to THIS issue b/c in the end this matter is about life and death. And it is despicable for any man to sacrifice their health, vitality, and sometimes life for the sake of money. The PRE-EXISTING CONDITION CLAUSE IS A NO BRAINER!

    If we are all HEALTHY, productive, and happy citizens then as a nation we will prosper. I totally agree with you but science and reaserch shows that those of us who pay for our own healthcare are already coming out of pocket substantially more for un-insured citizens who are obligated to wait until the worst possible time to seek medical treatment. So I’d rather come out of pocket for preventive measure care than grotesquely priced specialized treatment and care.

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