Fashion for the Male Form



Gentlemen, believe me, it’s not the car you drive or the money you flash that catches women. If you want to get a woman who loves your money first and you second, then buy the car and spend the cash. However, if you want to get a specific woman, you must exude confidence and a contoured lifestyle. Meaning, you need to dress the part.     


First of all, opposites don’t attract. The only polarity that exists in long standing relationships is one person being submissive and one person being dominant. So don’t believe opposites will work. “Dharma & Greg” doesn’t work in real life. Why do you think it only ran for 5 seasons?       

 The man you want to be should coincide with the woman you can wake up to and go to sleep beside every day and night. So here are a few fresh trendy items to bait that certain woman:      


SUIT + SCARF      



Suit= business mindedScarf= warmth and nurturing homebody      

Watch=you have appointments to keep  Tucked shirt=Cleanliness and attention to details [my philosophy is that if a man has a tucked shirt he has given himself the once over in the mirror that hangs behind the sink. If he has done that, you can insure he used that same sink to wash his hands.]      

Fedora=this is an old looking hat but when you make it casual/informal, it shows you are hip and trendy Track sneakers (like D&G or Puma)=you like to save money by riding your bike or taking a walk to your local farmer’s market.      

This attracts a woman who wants stability and kids.      

This attracts an anal and orderly career oriented woman who doesn’t enjoy messy children.      

This attracts the indie music woman who frequents art galleries and recycling/peace rallies.      


2 Responses

  1. Need some more Urban fashion for Men!

  2. What do you mean by urban fashion? Are you referring to any of the following as urban wear:

    1.non fitted T-shirts
    2. bedazzled T-shirts
    3. super baggy pants
    4. Shoe selection consists of all sneakers and 1 pair of church shoes.

    then I won’t be including it in this segment. Sorry.

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