The way I spent summer 2010

So I saw this summer as 2.5 months of opportunity. I was working making $$$.$$ for 4 days of work, booking shoots back to back and I had just met 2 great guys……mmmmm life was good.

However, as the summer went on, everything took a turn for the worst. The kids’ parents were pissing me off by not picking their kids up on time forcing me to quit. Photo shoots were still paying great and giving me awesome exposure. Meeting 2 great guys ws just that…..meeting 2 great guys but eventually having to choose just one.

So here I was without a job (again), re-vamping  my spending addiction, partying every week, and breaking hearts. To add on the pile, I had to cancel my maternal family reunion.

what the hell happened???

Something had gone horribly wrong and the summer was nearly over! Come on…..who am I? I’m not someone to just lay down and let life Ike Turner me…no no no. So I arose from my noon wake-up call, midday Maury re-run, Oreo cookie dough ice cream infused coma, chose a significant other, got back in the contributing writer game for, set up my teaching  job, and I’m currently re-registering for fall semester.

To make it all the better, the ride or die family members(Monica, Tanda, and Veronica) said “The reunion is cancelled? Oh. Well… we’re still coming down”. All the sh***y things that had gone on, just vanished from my memory. This ragtag group of girls from Detroit has kept me laughing and cursing like a sailor for the last 2 days. I took them to the city last night to party their little old hearts out and they had a great time. Thanks to my good friends at DDM, Marjean, RaRa(for all the shout outs on the mic), and the crazy staff at OZIO, I will forever be their “baby cousin that lavish lived it in DC”.

Life can be like this sometimes. You make plans but, through no fault of your own, you get thrown off the horse. Well I didn’t get back on the horse. Oh no. I looked around to confirm no one saw me fall and in true DMV fashion yelled “FUCK THAT HORSE” and hailed a cab.

Charlie Will<—][—>Charlie does….and Charlie’s back!!!