Men vs Women Part 1: Commitment

There are so many things I want to say in this post, I just don’t know where to start.

  1. Who do you think has more problems with commitment?
  2. Why do you think commitment is so important?
  3. Is there really a commitment difference between men and women or are they just stereotypes?


  • I believe women have the most problems with commitment. Hold on, listen to what I have to say. Women have the most problems because they make the most problems. Women create the most problems for themselves. If you have a man who is not ready for commitment for a few years, or has no want for a commitment with YOU, or won’t give you the commitment you want, why do you feel the need to keep him around?
  • Sorry to say this, but women make the most problems with commitment. Men will put their cards out on the table. They will show you all their faults, all their short comings, all their immaturity, and its up to women to take it or leave it. Women date men who don’t please them, don’t support them, don’t have the same dreams and aspirations and try to marry them, breed with them, and put them on a pedestal. There are men out here who want to marry young, have a brood of kids, stay committed, and provide for all. But who do you decide to pick? Exactly. Moving on.



  • I think commitment is important because everyone wants to feel loved. What’s that song by Teddy Pendergrass? “Its so good, loving somebody when somebody loves you back and that’s a fact. It’s so good good needing somebody and somebody needs you back.”
  • It’s a great feeling to know that the love you share for somebody is reciprocated. Its feels great to be secure in your love and know that the person safeguarding your heart will cherish it above all others. Oh this takes me back. The good times of being so in love that you could drown out the world and spend hours just being held. OK SORRY.
  • People commit to everything in their lives without thinking, but when it comes to committing to another person, there’s apprehension. You commit to a job, your family, even crackheads can commit to crack. Why is committing to a person that you care about any different?


  • Yes there are commitment stereotypes. Some are true, some are false. I almost got married at 17. He wanted marriage, kids, the whole kit and caboodle as COOKIE would say. (He wasn’t black so you can make another argument for race and commitment but we won’t go there). So I have a bias opinion.

Bottom line is this: Every man and woman is different when it comes to committment, so be open and honest in your relationships. Put your cards out on the table so no one can complain down the line and blame you for the relationship not going the way you want it to. Don’t enter into any long-term situations until you have sat down and talked about it. IT MAY BE AWKWARD, but its a lot better than wasting time on the wrong person. If you don’t have that awkward talk, the only person you can be upset with is yourself.

Charlie Will<–][–>Charlie does.


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