Can one parent really be both?

Before I start to write this post let me say this:

I, in no way, am here to judge anyone’s situation. I do not mean to offend anyone by any means. This is simply my feelings on a subject that I’m looking at from the outside in. So now that we have that disclaimer, I will continue.

The question is: Can one parent really be both?

This question branched from my first post about a rude generation. I commented on @Korye Edelen’s post saying that we’re breeding a generation of fatherless children. Let me give you some numbers and statistics so you don’t think I’m pulling this out of thin air to make my point. 64% of 8.5 million black households were single parent households. This is taken from

Now I want to go off on another tangent to talk about why these children are born to single parents(penile system, increase in fatal violence, lack of respect for women from men, lack of value of women by themselves, lack of mutually successful counterparts) but I’ll save that for in a few weeks.

Back on topic: Can one parent really be both?

My answer is yes but why? No. My answer is yes and no. No. My answer is NO.

Ok yes sure a parent can in fact do both. Seeing as how minority women are holding their races up and building them to new heights, while minority men are statistically lagging. Sorry I’m getting off topic

However, its ideal for there to be both parents. Why? A father is a child’s first experience with law and authority. They strike fear into you for the following reasons

  1. Men are biologically stronger than women. They are to be the police officers, the presidents, the firefighters, so on and so forth.
  2. Religiously speaking, men are supposed to be the faith holders and guardians of their family’s righteous living. They are an extension of  God and therefore, their family is an extension of them. Your father was the one who said grace, cut the turkey, ate first, and everyone else followed suit.

Women are the first examples of love, kindness, and compassion. If your mother was a good woman who comforted you when life was hard, encouraged you when you were down, fed you when you were hungry, that is what you look for in a mate. There no Oedipus Rex syndrome, but you know that’s the TYPE of person you want.

So how can a mother be both your punisher and comforter? Yes I respected my mom and would never dare even interrupted her when she talked, but I never had fear in my heart of my mother. If I got a bad grade, I’d be afraid of the spanking I’d get from my father but knew my mom would comfort me after saying “It’s ok. Just do better next time.”

This generation of fatherless children has no separation of punisher and comforter. You cannot respect your single parent when they are forced to wear 2 hats at once. This generation of thugs aren’t real thugs. They are simply internally incomplete children acting out to get what they are missing.

We’ve all had at least Psyc101 to know if you’re not getting it at home you’ll run out and get it somewhere else.  That’s why girls are so sexually active and promiscuous. They aren’t getting that man’s love and understanding at home. They don’t have a model of what real love is because their mothers aren’t getting it to show them. Furthermore, these boys aren’t getting the proper punishment and attention at home, so they act out around police officers, and stronger peers.

So how can we remedy this situation? Its becoming so deeply rooted in our society (not just limited to race, because single parent households are on the rise for every race). Young women hear songs about men doing wrong but its ok because she said she “can make it on her own”. Yeah you can. But don’t strive to. Don’t breed with someone before commitment is made. We’re a species that craves companionship because we have roles. Sorry but I’m not a turtle. I’m not going to breed then get left only to be forced to breed again.

I really hope I didn’t offend anyone, but I really have to wonder. Epidemics don’t happen on their own, so I’m simply here to figure out the cause. Tell me how you feel

Charlie Will<–][–>Charlie does.


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